• Anti-Cheat
  • Anti-Glitch
  • Anti-Grief
  • RaidTPBlock
  • Loot++
  • Long Days
  • Trading
Use /trade to trade safely


  • Teleports
There’s /tpr to join up with your friends


  • Homes
Use /sethome name to set your home location on a foundation in an authorized zone. Use /home name to return to it


  • Kits
Enter /kit to see what you can get!


  • Skills
Get slowly better at things you do and learn to get more from doing those things


  • Mine+
No ore mounds necessary, mine any rock you see!


  • Animals+
More animals spawn, more realistic behaviour


  • VoteKick
Use /votekick to get rid of cheaters


  • Help Menu
Enter /help to see command menu


  • Remove Tool
Enter /remove to get rid of things


  • Sixth Sense
To simulate a realistic level of perception


  • Persistent objects
Dead creatures and dropped items remain for a much longer time!


  • Fire arrows
Enter /firearrow or hit [MMB] when you have a bow equipped and low grade fuel in inventory