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Our Features

Reactive World

You don't need to find a specific ore mound to mine for stone at RAIDIATION, just dig into any rock. In fact, you can pretty much mine, cut or dig anything. You can even cut down trees and watch them fall!


Gradually improve your skills in Woodcutting, Mining, Skinning, Harvesting and Crafting so you learn to get more stuff in less time. Skill levels are never wiped!

Professional Configuration

Everything is set up by experienced server developers to bring you a well-balanced server with lots of awesome features. Fire arrows, trading, remove tool, maps, teleports, kits, a /help menu, real trees, quicksmelt, skins, loot++ as well as English admins, 24/7 uptime and more... way more!

Latest News

New Loot+++ Mode!

We’ve tweaked the server to include custom loot tables now as we should have done long ago. This will mean […]

Contest LIVE!

We pushed it back a day because of downtime, but it’s on!!! Get in-game and start hunting if you want […]

System Failure!

Lost a lot, but thankfully the Rust server core itself is fine! If you had a house, it’s still there. […]